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Elliott Simhon

Elliott Simhon

As many who know me, I am very selective about the organizations I represent. I have known of this organization for many years and have recently gotten more involved. In 2020 we raised over $1.7 million to help amputees get back their life. Yes you heard me, we gave them life. The organization ( ), doesn’t just give money to purchase a new prosthetic, they give all the information from start to finish and make sure each patient has dignity and confidence throughout the long procedure and recovery. They offer many sit downs, get togethers and counseling to give these people a sense of worth and a family that could understand what each person is going through. Each year in November they host a ride where they bring past amputees to a specific location to ride alongside some fantastic, caring and generous supporters. They test themselves in ways that you can’t imagine. Imagine riding over 100 miles and competing with a new prosthetic?

I hope now it’s clear how much help we need from you. Thank you in advance for your generous donation.


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