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Joseph Mansour

Joseph Mansour

PLEASE JOIN ME IN AN EFFORT TO HELP MORE AMPUTEES IN ISRAEL! In November 2020, I will be joining a group of elite riders to ride The Next Ride through the breathtaking Arabian Desert in the United Arab Emirates. I’ve committed to ride and raise funds at this inspirational and intense The Next Ride event because I understand the need to help amputees in Israel who suffer from limb-loss due to terrorism, combat wounds, cancer or birth defects. You can, too, just by donating. It would mean so much to me. All donations are 100% tax-deductible For more information about this ride please visit: You can read the personal testimonials about The Next Step in the Stories section. To help support my efforts, to make an impact, and to shape the future of amputees in Israel, please click on the Donate button. I am forever grateful for your support. Together we can help these children and adults walk again! Yours, Joseph


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