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Moishe Kofman

Moishe Kofman

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

We are at war!

Our brothers and sisters in Israel have been murdered, injured, and maimed. 

There are now at least 300 of our brothers and sisters that are now amputees, as a result of the October 7th attacks. Some have lost an arm some a leg, some have lost partial limbs, some have lost total limbs, some have lost both arms and some have lost both legs. Unfortunately, just as I was typing this letter, I received an email informing me of another soldier who lost both legs as well as an arm. 

There is this wonderful organization in Israel called The Next Step, that provides prosthetic limbs and therapy to these heroes. The cost is enormous The responsibility is ours. 

To do my part in helping to raise funds for these heroes, I have signed up guessed it! Another bike ride, called The Next Ride. The ride was originally scheduled to take place in Israel, with the ride starting at Kibbutz Be'eri and going northward. Unfortunately,  as we all know, Kibbutz Be'eri was the starting point of something horribly different this year. Needless to say, the ride was moved from Israel and is now taking place in Arizona. The riders ride side by side with amputees. Some riders from past rides have told me how instead of them inspiring the amputees , the amputees actually inspired them.  

Click on this link

to get a taste of what I am talking about.

This ride is currently scheduled to take place from May 30- June 3 (at least 3 days riding). Although the exact routes are not our yet, one day will feature a 26 mile climb up the famed Mt. Lemmon. Over 7,000 feet of non-stop uphill climbing. I don't know if (in my current condition, being older and heavier than usual) I will be able to do it, but if the guys with one leg  or one arm can do it, I'll be darned if i don't try and will therefore give it my all. 

There are so many war related causes and they are all worthy causes. This one talks to me. Please click on the link

and do your best to support this cause. Your support helps these amputees more than you will ever know, both physically and even more importantly,  emotionally. 

May we merit to see the end of this painful war speedily and with no more injuries. Even with the best outcome, these heroes will still need our help.

Thank you

Moishe Kofman

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Brooklyn,  NY 11234
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