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Limb loss can be devastating. Whether it is a survivor of a terrorist attack, a soldier with a combat injury, a child with a birth defect, or a patient recovering from a terrible illness, amputation can affect their everyday functionality, family life and social status. 

The Next Step is an Israeli nonprofit organization that raises awareness of limb-loss and prosthetics, provides access to high-end prosthetics not provided by the Ministry of Health, and offers technical and emotional support to amputees. 

Services are carried out by volunteers - some amputees themselves - who pass on their knowledge and experience, and provide support to others. 

In the US and Europe, the most advanced technology is available. From bionic-robotic hands to microprocessor knees and active fitness prostheses, amputees get to enjoy the best available prosthetic solution to supplement the missing limb and achieve maximum functionality. 

The Next Step facilitates the funding, travel and logistics necessary for Israeli amputees to obtain this technology, not provided to them by the Ministry of Health. 

Amputees also enjoy an array of peer activities, such as ongoing physical therapy programs, rehabilitation and walking/running clinics.

With your help and generosity, we are able to change the lives of many amputees in Israel!



Website and limb-loss resource guide
Bi-monthly publication
Amputee conferences & expos
Homebound tutoring

Hospital visits pre/post-amputation
Limb-loss care packages
Support groups for amputees and family
Respite for amputees and family

Walking/running clinics
Amputee custom fitness plans
Winter adaptive ski trip
Summer adventure camp

Lobby and legislation
Expediting of approvals and care

State of the art prosthetics
Travel and lodging in the U.S.