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The Next Ride is one-of-a-kind: a challenging expedition with grade up to 21.1% and elevation nearly reaching 15,000+ feet all against the gorgeous backdrop of the Holy Land. Together with 20 Israelis suffering from limb-loss, we ride across the Jerusalem Hills and down to the Dead-Sea for an uplifting and inspiring trip you will never forget.

November 8-14, 2020
7 days in Israel
Five-Star Accommodations

(Sponsored by Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem)
Round trip airfare from the U.S.
Medical Personnel & Armed Security

Five-star accommodations and lavish meals are just the start. Expect top of the line concierge service, ride support and gear and all the little touches that make this trip like no other.

Sunday, November 8
Mekomot Hakedoshim Tour
Kotel - Kever Rachel - Kever Shimon HTzadik
and Shmuel HaNavi

Monday, November 9
Old City Acclimation Ride

4.4 miles / +507 ft
Loop once or twice through the Old City 
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Tuesday, November 10
Gush Etzyon - Jerusalem Hills Ride 
41 miles / +4,730 ft / 21.1%
Loop around Gush Etzyon and Nes Harim to Yad Kennedy
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 Wednesday, November 11
Jerusalem Hills - Ashkelon Ride
59 miles / +2,900 ft / 10.4%
Ride down Jerusalem Hills to the beach in Ashkelon
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Thursday, November 12
Option A
Jerusalem - Dead Sea - Masada

59 miles / +2,370 ft / 9.1%
Ride down from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea and end in Masada
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Option B
Century: Jerusalem - Dead Sea - Arad - Masada
101 miles / +6815 ft / 10%

Ride down from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, climb up to Arad and end on the top of Masada

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Friday - Shabbat, November 13-14
Shabbat in Jerusalem